Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Alice's Restaurant Cookbook by Alice May Brock

Alice's Restaurant Cookbook by Alice May Brock 1969

First Edition Hardcover published by Random House.148 pages

Good Condition with shelfwear on the edges. Dust Jacket is in Fair condition. Includes paper record introduction by Arlo (remember Arlo?), still attached. Inscribed and bookplate by previous owner.

"You've heard the song, seen the movie - now eat her words!" - from the front jacket.

Alice's Restaurant Cookbook is a classic flashback to days when the music was good, the food was free to be itself, and cooking was not a celebrity event. Alice provides great cooking and life advice as well as humor and insight, as well as drawings and a bunch of old photos. This book is a treasure to read and own , even if you don't cook.

This book is from our private collection and not for sale. Copies are available out there at $35 and up.

Table of Contents:
1. You Can Get Anything you want... Etc.
2. In The Kitchen
3. You're the Cook
4. Equipment
5. Improvising and Making Do
6. What are You Going to Serve, Anyhow?
7. Impromptu vs. Planned Cooking
8. The Supply Cupboard
9. Herbs, Spices, And Seasonings
10. Foreign Cookery
11. About the Butcher
12. If You Worry About Your Weight
13. Convenience Foods
14. Comfort Foods
15. Wines and Liquors
16. What's Cooking
17. Garnishes and ecorations
18. Buffets: The Stand-up Dinner
19. How Much for How Many

Followed by 100 pages of Recipes